4 Alternatives to a Traditional Divorce

4 Alternatives to a Traditional Divorce

All men and women marry because of love, at least they are supposed to,  but as time passes numerous things tend to happen which might show the two persons that they might not be as compatible with each other as they initially though. Divorce has become a very efficient way to perform this kind of separation, however there are different types of divorce alternatives that you need to take into account.

  1. Do it yourself divorce

In this type of divorce, people tend to take the matters into their own hands and take care of all the legal and financial aspects themselves. However, you should always know that divorce is a complicated thing to go through and this is why mistakes can easily be made. The only situation in which a do it yourself divorce does make sense is that when a couple doesn’t have any assets to be divided and no kids, as this way the divorce is very easy to make. However, when kids and assets get involved, things tend to be much harder to solve and that is the main reason why using an attorney comes in handy in this regard.

  1. Mediation

This is a widely used technique that involves the usage of a divorce mediator of a neutral nature in order to help both the parties to come to an agreement. The mediator can be a lawyer or a simple person that has a lot of knowledge in regards to family law and divorce. The mediator needs to remain neutral yet still provide both parties with unbiased information. Of course, it’s still recommended to have an attorney by your side during the divorce process if there are items to be shared.

Mediation can be quite good, as it provides the means to make the divorce easier on children, brings a better post-divorce relationship with the ex and it even reduces expenses. On the other hand, mediation can be a little tricky because if the negotiations fail it will be a waste of money, not to mention that it can lead to legal complications and even fuel emotions.

  1. Collaborative divorce

This collaborative divorce implies that the couple will try to work out the settlement without having to go to court. The attorneys will advise each member of the couple to negotiate the best possible settlement in this situation. Even If this type of divorce is successful, you will still need to encounter a judge in order for him to sight the agreement. The downside here is that the collaborative divorce can be quite hard to deal with if there are financial complications within the family.

  1. Litigated divorce

This is by far one of the most common types of divorce. The settlement can be reached in court or before that, in fact numerous couples tend to solve the problem before going to the court. Finding the best child custody and settling the financial problems can be quite hard to perform as well, but thanks to the presence of attorneys into the mix things can be solved much faster, and this is why many people consider this as being the traditional way to get a divorce.

As you can see, there are multiple types of divorce an each one is suitable to different categories. It’s all up to the couple to decide which is the best way, but all of the aforementioned ones have been widely used for decades now to settle a divorce case.

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