How To Choose The Right Winter Cover For Your Pool

How To Choose The Right Winter Cover For Your Pool

Your pool is an amazing place during the summer, as you get to unwind and relax after a hard day at work. However, as time passes and winter sets in, leaving your pool uncovered can lead to a lot of problems, and that’s why you need to make sure that the water temperature will maintain the same.

It’s also crucial to ensure that debris, leaves or twigs are kept far away from your pool, and the best way to do this is to purchase a winter pool cover. Such a cover can also help prevent your animals or kids from accidentally falling into the pool, especially during the winter, as this can have dramatic consequences.

Pool covers are created out of different materials, and each one varies quite a lot. Some are made out of polypropylene, others out of weave mesh. In addition, the size and shape also depends quite a lot, some pool covers can be custom made if you want them to exactly match the size of your pool. Other pool covers even add some extra material that can cover accessories or certain areas near the pool you want to protect.

Leaf Net

There are different types of pool covers, but one of the most widely used is the Leaf Net. This type of cover was specifically designed to prevent leaves and debris from entering your pool, but it does leave enough space for water to pass through. Usually a leaf cover shouldn’t be used by itself, so a lot of people combining it with other types of nets. These nets are made from polycarbonate or polyethylene most of the time, and they really help increase the life of your primary pool cover. The debris is very easy to collect and dispose using this pool cover, so it’s recommended that you get on.

Solid Cover

A good idea is to purchase a solid pool cover, as this type of cover helps quite a lot when it comes to preventing algae from entering your pool. Most of these solid covers have a drain port which is very useful indeed. Furthermore, this type of cover works for above ground pools. Simply by adding an inflatable air pillow under the cover you will have the opportunity to collect and gather the debris much faster and easier, which is great.

Safety Cover

Just like the name suggest, this particular type of cover was specifically designed to prevent drowning and other hazards that might happen accidentally. This cover is usually anchored in place and secured so no matter what happens, it will keep the person/animal walking on it safe. There are various materials that can be used for this type of cover, so in order to choose the best one you will need to check out the type of decking that surrounds the pool. A lot of pool manufacturers actually create their own safety covers, which is really cool, as you can usually get them in a bundle with the pool.

Solar Cover

This type of cover doesn’t really protect the pool, instead it helps the water heat and keep a certain temperature which can be quite hard, especially during the summer when the temperature varies quite a lot. Not only that, but it also helps in reducing the amount of water that is lost during the evaporation process. The downside for this type of cover is that it doesn’t keep debris from falling into the pool, so you must use an additional cover or remove the debris manually, which can prove to be a real headache. If used properly though, such a cover can extend the swimming season because it captures the heat from the sun and keeps the water warm no matter the temperature outside.


Purchasing a pool cover does come with additional costs, in the form of accessories. These usually make the cover even more efficient, so it’s a good idea to purchase them. These accessories can be eitherwater bags, cover pumps, pillows, clips and so on. If your cover is not equipped with a drain, then purchasing a cover pump is crucial, as this will help you remove all the water that accumulates on top of the cover. There are even some automatic pumps that activate by themselves when the water level gets too high.

As you can see, the pool covers are essential for any pool owner, as not only they keep your pool clean, but some of them even prolong the swimming season by keeping a constant temperature in the pool. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it won’t be hard to find one that suits your pool.

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